Stop being a Demogorgon — your krill pills are killing our planet


CNN I have a friend who recently pitched me for my involvement in Frog Aid. He’s old. He thinks kids still remember Live Aid.

Saving the frogs, eh What vital part do they play in our ecosystem Oh wait yes, I read once about he interrupts me excitedly NOTHING I, dumbfoundedNothing Him I mean, maybe nothing. I don’t know. We aren’t sure, they’re just frogs, they really have probably very little bearing on human life.
Then why save them
Cause they’re frogs.
Yeah, but there are so so many things that we could spend resources and time on that could impact human life in a positive way. Why would you raise money if they’re just frogs
Cause…they’re frogs, man.
Silenced. I suddenly feel like a kid about to climb a tree for no reason at all.
Here’s the short of it.
The Weddell sea, essentially the heart of the Antarctic Ocean, is unprotected. And boring corporate endeavors are seeking to exploit this worldwide oversight. Like villains in a B movie, their current goal though future iterations may be even even more destructive and nefarious centers on krill fishing.
Taking a huge straw, plopping it in the Antarctic waters and sucking up the one thing that all wildlife there feeds on: krill. Which incidentally also act as a great carbon sink, reducing carbon emissions dramatically with their poop Google it They wanna, and ARE drinking the world’s milkshake. And because this land, this earth, is your earth, yes that’s right, they drink YOUR milkshake And for what Krill pills. Omega-three-light pills, that there are doubts even help with anything, but still maintain a modest industry snake oil always sells[/sociallocker]

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